Editorial Policy

The SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems (SIADS) publishes research articles on the mathematical analysis and modeling of dynamical systems and its application to the physical, engineering, life, and social sciences. SIADS is published in electronic format only. The use of color, animated visualizations, and internal linking is strongly encouraged where it enhances the exposition, but papers without these enhancements are accepted as well; review is based on research content.

Submitted articles should contribute to either the theory of dynamical systems, the understanding of dynamical systems phenomena through experiment or numerical simulation, or the use of dynamical systems methods in applications. Contributions must be written in clear English and may be of a theoretical, computational, or experimental nature.

Articles for SIADS must contain substantially new results and relate them to existing literature in a scholarly fashion. Submission of a manuscript to a SIAM journal is representation by the author that the manuscript has not been published or submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere. In general, papers that have appeared in conference proceedings will not be considered unless significantly revised. If a paper has appeared previously, in any form, or was submitted previously to this journal in another form, authors must clearly indicate this in their cover letter.

Reproducibility of Computational Results
Reproducibility, that is, the ability to independently reproduce results obtained by others, is a core principle of scientific research. As the impact of, and the knowledge discovery enabled by, computational science continues to increase, it is important that reproducibility becomes a natural part of these activities. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems strongly encourages authors to deposit, in a publicly accessible repository or as supplementary materials, any software and data that allow the results of published articles to be reproduced, and to make every effort to include sufficient information in manuscripts to enable this: authors should include not only information used for the setup (including details on numerical methods, parameters for these methods, as well as initial data and values of systems parameters) but also details on post-processing to recover published results. Authors are expected to give appropriate citations to algorithms and codes that they used to generate the numerical results presented in their submission. During the review process, authors may be asked to respond to inquiries about the reproducibility of their results.


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