SISC Redefined

SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing dates to 1980, when it was known as the SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing. It has published in its present form since 1993. SISC continues to evolve and now publishes in three distinct sections, as outlined in the journal Editorial Policy.

The editors ask that authors state at submission which of the three categories their works fits best. The sections are:

  1. Methods and Algorithms for Scientific Computing. Papers in this category may include theoretical analysis, provided that the relevance to applications in science and engineering is demonstrated. They should contain meaningful computational results and theoretical results or strong heuristics supporting the performance of new algorithms.

  2. Computational Methods in Science and Engineering. Papers in this section will typically describe novel methodologies for solving a specific problem in computational science or engineering. They should contain enough information about the application to orient other computational scientists but should omit details of interest mainly to the applications specialist.

  3. Software and High-Performance Computing. Papers in this category should concern the novel design and development of computational methods and high-quality software, parallel algorithms, high-performance computing issues, new architectures, data analysis, or visualization. The primary focus should be on computational methods that have potentially large impact for an important class of scientific or engineering problems.

Note that the editors reserve the right to re-assign the manuscript to the section of SISC they think is most appropriate.

The purpose of the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing is to advance computational methods for solving scientific and engineering problems.


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