Review Procedures

Authors can indicate the appropriate section through the submission form at Note that the editors reserve the right to re-assign the manuscript to the section of SISC they think is most appropriate.

Note: Figures, if any, must be embedded "inline" in the manuscript.

After the submission has entered SIAM's tracking system, the corresponding author receives an e-mail that acknowledges receipt and provides the manuscript number. Authors are asked to include the manuscript number in all correspondence regarding the paper.

After checking the files the author submitted, the SIAM office contacts the EIC to let him/her know that there is a new manuscript that needs to be routed. Note that all contact with the EIC and all subsequent review correspondence with the Section Editor (SE) and Associate Editor (AE) and the SIAM office regarding the manuscript will be done via e-mail. The EIC briefly reviews each submission to determine whether it is appropriate for the journal. If so, the EIC sends it to the appropriate  Section Editor, who decides which AE is appropriate to handle the review. In making this decision, the SE takes into account both the areas of expertise and the current workloads of the editors. If the SE assigns the paper to an AE, he/she does so by letting the SIAM office know to whom the submission should be routed for review. The SIAM office then contacts the AE. This e-mail provides the AE a direct link to the manuscript and the cover letter. Assuming the AE accepts the assignment, the paper is considered in review (status R) at this point. Note that the EIC or the SE can reject papers that are clearly inappropriate for SISC without assigning them to a Review Editor
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