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Internet Vulnerabilities: A Look at Some Problems and Possible Solutions

Tom Leighton
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Akamai Technologies, Inc.

With the explosive growth of the Internet, we have quickly reached a state where the Internet has become a critical component of our national infrastructure. Unfortunately, the speed with which services have been enabled on the Internet has far outpaced the speed with which the protocols that support those services have been made reliable and secure. Indeed, the Internet of today still utilizes many of the same protocols that were developed over 30 years ago when users of the Internet (then known as the DARPANet) could be trusted to do no harm, intentional or accidental. The result is that today's Internet is highly vulnerable to a widespread array of attacks and failure modes, which can have serious consequences for our national and economic well being.

In this talk, we will describe some of the Internet's most glaring vulnerabilities as well as some of the approaches that Akamai is taking to deal with them. The talk will be introductory in nature.

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