Monday July 25/3:30

MS10/Marina 3

Theory and Industrial Practice of the h-p Version of FEM (Part 2 of 2)

In recent years, much progress has been made in the theory and industrial practice of the h-p FEM. Commercial (e.g. polyFEM, MSC/PROBE, PHLEX, Applied Structure), and research (e.g. PEGASYS, STRIPE) codes are now available. This minisymposium will give the audience a picture of the state of the art, both from a mathematical and an industrial perspective. The first part will cover advances in areas such as three-dimensional approximation theory, adaptivity and a-posteriori error estimation, efficient h-p solvers and commercial implementation. The second part will concentrate on mixed methods, boundary element methods, parallel computations and engineering modeling. Organizer: Benqi Guo, University of Manitoba, Canada
  • (For part 1, see MS4.)