Tuesday July 26/8:00

MS16/Harbor 3

Analysis and Applications of Hamiltonian Systems (Part 1 of 2)

The theory of Hamiltonian systems naturally arises throughout mathematics, science and engineering wherever variational principles and conservative dynamics occur. Perhaps because of the widespread utility of Hamiltonian systems, a number of specialized, and to a large extent distinct, sub-areas have arisen, for example symplectic geometry, KAM theory and nearly integrable systems, symplectic integration, and Hamiltonian partial differential equations. In these sessions, the speakers will provide an overview of some diverse and active research areas in Hamiltonian systems and describe a number of current applications. (For part 2, see MS25.) Organizers: John H. Maddocks University of Maryland, College Park, and Kenneth R. Meyer University of Cincinnati
  • (For part 2, see MS25.)