Tuesday July 26/8:00

MS20/Harbor 2

Computational Aspects of Markov Chains (Part 1 of 2)

Co-sponsored by SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra Markov chains are used extensively as mathematical models throughout the biological, physical and social sciences as well as in business and engineering. As these models grow increasingly complex, the computation of the stationary and transient behavior of the Markov chain becomes increasingly difficult. This minisymposium focuses on computational problems of large-scale Markov chains and the speakers will discuss subjects ranging from computational aspects of the model building process, to promising new approaches for computing stationary and transient solutions. They will also discuss the issues of stability and sensitivity and fast techniques for determining approximate solutions of models that contain many millions of states. (For part 2, see MS27.) Organizer: William J. Stewart North Carolina State University
  • (For part 2, see MS27.)