Tuesday July 26/1:45

MS21/Harbor 1

Structural Analysis of Medical Images

(This session will run until 4:15 PM) In recent years substantial progress has been made in the hardware and the software for generating medical images. A brief overview of these will be presented. At the same time, there has been growing interest in developing algorithms for the structural analysis of the images. One direction of research presented in this minisymposium involves methods for matching and registration of images of the same organ over different patients, over different points in time or between imaging modalities. Another related direction is concerned with the identification and detection of certain objects. The object could be some part of an organ, or alternatively an abnormality such as a tumor. This involves creating a model for the object, often called the template, together with a description of its typical forms of variation. The mathematical tools involved are extremely diverse, from continuous variational problems leading to nonlinear PDE's, through statistical models and stochastic simulation methods, to discrete optimization involving dynamic programming on graphs. Organizer: Yali Amit University of Chicago