MS38/Grande Ballroom Parallel Tools and Algorithms for Large Scale Computations Software development effort continues to be a prohibitive cost in the use of parallel computers. In this minisymposium, the speakers explore different methods for easing this burden. In particular, the speakers have been developing specialized tools for certain classes of problems, including portable packages, class libraries, and some re-design of algorithms that extends over a range of architectures. They will concentrate on applications using sophisticated numerical algorithms such as adaptive mesh refinement and domain decomposition. Organizer: Marsha J. Berger Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University 8:00 Portable Scientific Programming under LPARX Scott Baden and Scott R. Kohn, University of California, San Diego 8:30 Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Shared Memory Architectures William Y. Crutchfield, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 9:00 C++ Classes for Architecture-Independent Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement Daniel J. Quinlan, Los Alamos National Laboratory 9:30 PETSc: a Portable Extensible Toolkit for Parallel Scientific Computing Barry Smith, University of California, Los Angeles