Monday July 25/6:00 - 7:30 PM/Exhibit Hall

Poster and Video Presentations


Computation and Visualization of Invariant Manifolds

M.E. Johnson, Princeton University; M.S. Jolly, Indiana University, Bloomington; and I.G. Kevrekidis, Princeton University

Analysis of Turbocompressor Flow Instabilities

Raymond A. Adomaitis, University of Maryland, College Park

Emergence and Persistence of Isolated Coherent Vortices in Rotating Shallow Water

P.K. Jayakumar, L.J. Walstad and J.G. Richman, Oregon State University

Computation of Supersonic Flow around a Cone/Cylinder

Richard B. Pember and John B. Bell, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Phillip Colella, University of California, Berkeley; William Y. Crutchfield, Michael Welcome and Vincent Beckner, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A Waterflood Simulation

Philip T. Keenan, Rice University

Computational Microscopy: An Inverse Problem in Cell Biology

Walter Carrington, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Three-Dimensional Computations of Droplet Collisions, Coalescence and Droplet/Wall Interactions Using a Continuum Surface Tension Method

David Jacqmin, NASA-Lewis Research Center


General Expressions for Expected Number and Size of Detectable Premalignant Clones from a Stochastic Two-Stage Model for Cancer Risk Assessment

Julia S. Kimbell, Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology

A 2-D Random Walk Model for Dynamic Mutations in Repetitive DNA

Lori A. Mixson and Thomas B. Kepler, North Carolina State University

Modeling the Bifunctional Behavior of the Transforming Growth Factor beta (TGF-B)

Sophia A. Maggelakis, Rochester Institute of Technology

Effects of a Prevascular Tumor on Skin Temperature Profile

Sophia A. Maggelakis and Andreas E. Savakis, University of Rochester Medical Center

Analysis of Single Neurons' Stochastic Activities Based on the Diffusion Model

Junko Inoue, Shunsuke Sato, and Luigi M. Ricciardi, Osaka University, Japan

A Small Network Model for Central Pattern Generators and Its Locked and Non-Locked Responses to Periodic Inputs

Taishin Nomura, Shinji Doi, and Shunsuke Sato, Osaka University, Japan


Partial Differential Equations in a Problem Solving Environment

Kevin A. Broughan, Martin C. Glanvill, and Richard L. Shepherd, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Parallel Solutions to Liquid Crystalline Polymer Flow Problems

Omer Egecioglu, Charu Chaubal, and Ashok Srinivasan, University of California, Santa Barbara; and Andrew Szeri, University of California, Irvine

Hybrid Asymptotic Numerical Methods for the Scalar Wave Equation

Robert Hoar and Curt Vogel, Montana State University

High-Order Approximation Schemes for First Order PDEs

Maurizio Falcone, Universita di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy; and Roberto Ferretti, Universita di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy

Attractors and Lyapunov Functions for Reaction-Diffusion Equations

Arnold Dikansky, St. John's University


On Some Experience Using Parallel Computation for a 3-D Complex Vector Helmholtz Equation

Louis W. Ehrlich and David M. Silver, Johns Hopkins University

Time-Marching on the Slow Manifold: The Relationship Between the Nonlinear Galerkin Method and Implicit Timestepping Algorithms

John P. Boyd, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Image Synthesis and Image Analysis Techniques Applied to Numerical Simulation Data

Rossella Cossu, Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo-CNR, Italy

Iterative Solutions of Boundary Element Equations

S. Amini, University of Salford, United Kingdom

Computing Shapes of Polyhedra

H.A. Eiselt, University of New Brunswick, Canada; and C.-L. Sandbloom, Technical University of Nova Scotia, Canada

Error Bound Analysis of Finite-difference Approximations for a Class of Nonlinear Parabolic System in Two-Space Dimensions

Jennifer Zhao, University of Michigan, Dearborn

Reducing the Effect of Outliers in Linear and Nonlinear Models

Deborah Sturm, City University of New York, Staten Island


Stochastic Approximation for Directed Graphical Networks and its Application to Expert Systems

Chung T. Nguyen and Sherry E. Hammel, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport

Performance Analysis of Signal Detection Algorithms in Gaussian Mixture Noise

David W.J. Stein, San Diego, CA

Hidden Order in Stochastic Nonlinear Chains

Carlo Alabiso and Mario Casartelli, Universita di Parma, Italy

Is the Characterization of Chaotic Behavior of Quantum Systems by Means of Statistical Properties of Energy Levels Spacings Conceptually Consistent?

Antonio Scotti, Universita di Parma, Italy

Fractals Without Anomalous Diffusion

Raffaella Burioni, Universita di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy; and Davide Cassi, Universita di Parma, Italy

Correlation Coefficient of Quantitative and Qualitative Variables and Its Application to Geology

Yutian Wang, Indiana University, Bloomington


Approximate Solutions to an H2 Optimization Problem with a H Constraint

Gilberto O. Correa and A. Chaubah, LNCC/CNPq, Brazil

Sufficient Conditions for Variational and Optimal Control Problems with Time-Delay

C.H. Lee and S.P. Yung, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Reliable Root-Finding and Global Optimization in a Fortran 90 Environment

R. Baker Kearfott, University of Southwestern Louisiana

Improving a Structure Preserving Algorithm for Linear-Quadratic Optimization

Vasile Sima, Research Institute for Informatics, Romania

Optimality of Robust Nonlinear Feedback Controls

Randy A. Freeman and Petar V. Kokotovic, University of California, Santa Barbara


Thermal Stresses Due to a Uniform Heat Flow Past a Circular Hole with a Pair of Radial Edge Cracks of Different Lengths

Stuart Davidson, Georgia Southern University

Diagnostics for Existence of Phase Transitions in High-Temperature Superconductors

Thomas P. Svobodny, Wright State University

Coupled Finite Element - Boundary Element Analysis of Transient Electromagnetic Fields in Nonlinear Anisotropic Capacitive Devices

Albert Wu, University of Texas, Austin

Parameter Identification for Modeling Contaminant Transport in Groundwater Flow

Jianping Zhu, Mississippi State University

A Close Form Solution for the Laminar Boundary Layer, Blasius Equation: ff"+2f"=0 Over a Flat Plate

Leonard D'Attorre, Dana Point, CA

Dynamics of Elastic Rods

Poul G. Hjorth, Morten Brons and Wolfhard Kliem, The Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Numerical Simulation of Scattering by Dielectric Gratings

Brian J. McCartin, GMI Engineering and Management Institute; and Gregory A. Kriegsmann, New Jersey Institute of Technology