Tuesday July 26/6:30-9:30 PM/Harbor 1

Workshop in Materials Science: Ab Initio Local Density Approximations for Electronic Structure Calculations

Recent advances in parallel computation, numerical algorithms and first-principle physical approaches herald the fulfillment of Schrodinger's promise: an ab initio understanding of the material world that we can really compute. In bridging the gap from a microscopic quantum description to a macroscopic classical description, we encounter conceptual, computational and algorithmic bottlenecks that will require pan-disciplinary solutions.

This workshop provides a forum for researchers in ab initio density functional electronic structure theory to join forces with specialists in numerical algorithms and parallel computing to formulate new approaches to solve currently infeasible problems. (This workshop is jointly sponsored by UCSD, SDSC, and SIAM).

Organizers: Alan Edelman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Maria Elizabeth G. Ong, University of California, San Diego