1996 SIAM Annual Meeting

Message from the Meeting Chair...

Applied mathematics rewards its practitioners not only with the satisfaction of making a scientific or technological advance, but also with the marvel of the intrinsic beauty of the mathematics employed. The latter happens every time each of us either learns or develops a new mathematical tool, whether it be a powerful analytical technique, a slick numerical algorithm, or a nifty formal calculation. It is this aspect of our endevour that we emphasize in this meeting, which has the theme "New Tools of Applied Mathematics". It is hoped that the new tools highlighted at this meeting and its attendant short courses will be representive of those that will devolop an increasing sphere of applicability over the coming decades. These include some of the emerging tools in dynamical systems, optimization, control, asymptotics, stochastic methods, parallel computing, numerical methods, inverse problems, geometric methods, modeling, and computational science.

These tools will be presented in the context of some of todays most exciting applications: microfabrication, thin flims, climate modeling, seismology, industrial scheduling, image processing, mathematical finance, modeling phase transistions, fluid dynamics, mesoscale modeling, pattern formation, transport, optical sciences, combustion, wave propagation, population dynamics, medicine, animation and more. No matter what applications have your current interest, we expect that you will find some of the new tools presented at this meeting to be applicable, whereby your appreciation of the enterprise of applied mathematics will be renewed.

In addition to a great line-up of plenary lectures, awards, minisymposia, and contributed papers, a number of special features deserve mention. First, there are the two short courses: one organized by James Sethian on "Level Set Methods'' and another organized by Kerry Back on "Mathematics of Finance". We feel that each course exposes new tools in the context of mathematical applications that are growth areas. Second, there is the second annual SIAM public lecture which is to be given by Rick Sayre of Pixar, animators of the movie "Toy Story". We expect that this highly visible application of mathematical techniques to the entertainment industry will be of great general interest. Finally, in a departure from tradition, the AWM meeting has been integrated into the first two days of this annual meeting. It is hoped that the AWM presentations will thereby reach a greater audience.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I invite you to attend the meeting and to participate in the short courses. We are certain that you will find it truly stimulating and rewarding.

David Levermore,
Chair, Organizing Committee
1996 SIAM Annual Meeting

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MMD, 5/20/96