Monday, July 22
3:15-5:15 PM

Inverse Problems

Inverse problems arise in many areas of applications, such as electric impedance tomography, elastic impedance tomography, material science, seismology, radar, sonar and medical imaging. These problems are broadly divided into various classes, for example, inverse boundary value problems, inverse spectral problems and inverse scattering problems. In one class of problems, one or more coefficients in a differential equation or a number of matrix entries in a finite dimensional problem are unknown. Each of these unknowns may represent physical quantity, such as the electric conductivity of a medium, density stiffness or the sound speed in a medium. In another class of problems, scattering objects are unknown. The inverse problems are to recover the unknown parameters or the shape of obstacles from boundary measurements, the spectrum of a related operator, or the far field data.

Many scientists, engineers and mathematicians have studied a variety of inverse problems and have successfully obtained some very satisfactory results. A primary goal of this minisymposium is to bring together women from a variety of mathematical disciplines who are working on inverse problems. The minisymposium will be focused on a number of open problems in several areas.

Organizer: Changmei Liu
University of North Carolina

Speakers and titles to be announced.

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