Monday, July 22
3:15-5:15 PM

Identification and Control in Distributed Parameter Systems

This minisymposium coordinates some recent research on the development of identification and control methods for distributed parameter systems. Such systems commonly arise when modeling dynamic physical phenomena, here examples are drawn from electromagnetic, structural acoustic and fluid applications. An important issue when implementing controllers for such systems concerns the development of low-order state estimators which provide adequate robustness with feasible sensor requirements. The temporal discretization of the modeling system and feedback control is also of upmost importance since data measurements in applications are typically available only at discrete times. Finally, the nature of common control actuators, such as piezoceramic actuators, leads to unbounded control input operators, and the ramifications of this are discussed with regards to controller development.

The speakers will discuss issues concerning model well-posedness and methods for discretizing the models and estimating parameters through data fitting techniques.

Organizer: Ralph C. Smith
Iowa State University

3:15 Optimal Sensor Placement via Gaussian Quadrature
Robert Miller, University of Arkansas
3:45 Stabilization of Distributed Parameter Systems by Piecewise-Polynomial Control
Richard Rebarber, University of Nebraska; and Stuart Townley, University of Exeter
4:15 PDE-Based Compensator Design for Structural Acoustic Systems
Ralph C. Smith, Organizer
4:45 A Time Domain Approach in Inverse Scattering
Yun Wang, Armstrong Laboratory, Brooks Air Force Base

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MMD, 5/20/96