New Models and Approaches for Stochastic Phenomena in Physics and Chemistry (AWM-SIAM Minisymposium)

This minisymposium will focus on new models and techniques for stochastic processes in physical applications and emphasize the use of a complementary combination of analytical and numerical techniques. The speakers will discuss the dramatic effects of small noise in simplification of dynamics, for example, elimination of chaotic behavior, the second comparison of deterministic and stochastic models for wave propagation in high contrast media, and aspects of noise activated transitions. Nonlinearities and interplay of the parameters of the model induce non_classical behavior of the escape paths. New half_range expansion techniques yield analytical results for activation by bounded diffusion processes and their boundary layer behavior.

Organizers: Rachel Kuske, Stanford University; and Malgorzata M. Klosek, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

3:15 Probability Densities for Dynamics Simplified by Noise
Rachel Kuske, Organizer
3:45 Direct and Inverse Problems for High Contrast Media
Liliana Borcea, Stanford University
4:15 Boundary Layer Theory and the Two-Dimensional Stochastic Exit Problem
Robert S. Maier, University of Arizona
4:45 Reflected Diffusion Plus One-Dimensional Dynamics
Malgorzata M. Klosek, Organizer

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MMD, 5/20/96