Tuesday, July 23
8:30-10:30 AM

Grid Generation and Applications (Part I of II)

Grid-generation algorithms often play an important role when one numerically solves partial differential equations in geometrically complex regions. There is a good intuitive understanding of how the methods work, but there is not yet a complete mathematical theory of grid generation.

The speakers will present recent developments in grid generation and its applications, including geometrical and solution-adaptive grids, variational grid generation, rational choice of parameters and weights, grid generation on curves and surfaces, grid alignment with vector fields, and the effect of grids on the error. They will discuss issues concerning what technique should be used to solve the algebraic equations (SOR, multigrid, conjugate gradient, etc.).

Organizers: Jose E. Castillo, San Diego State University; and Patrick M. Knupp, Ecodynamics Research Associates

Chair: Patrick Knupp

8:30 Direct Optimization Grid Generation
Jose E. Castillo, San Diego State University
9:00 Adative Surface Grid Generation
Ahmed Khamayseh, Los Alamos National Laboratory; and Jose Castillo, Organizer
9:30 Numerical Conformal Mapping and Grid Generation
Thomas K. DeLillo, Wichita State University
10:00 Direct Optimization Grids Aligned with Vector Fields
James S. Otto, Los Alamos National Laboratory

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MMD, 5/20/96