Wednesday, July 24
3:15-5:15 PM

CAGD: Applied Industrial Mathematics

(Sponsored by SIAM Activity Group on Geometric Design)

Computer-Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) represents a fundamental R&D area for applied industrial mathematics. CAD techniques are prevalent in industry today. CAGD is a bridge between the engineering community who use CAD techniques and the geometrically inclined mathematical community.

The primary purpose of this minisymposium is to highlight the various ways that this bridge has been built: various areas of mathematics combined with various areas of industry.

Another focus of this minisymposium is to bring attention to ways that this bridge could be fortified: how can we better serve and work with the industrial community.

Robert E. Barnhill, Arizona State University; and Dianne C. Hansford, NURBS Depot

Titles and speakers to be announced.

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MMD, 5/20/96