Thursday, July 25
8:30-10:30 PM

Inverse Problems in Optical Science

The speakers of this minisymposium will address some recent developments in the study of direct, inverse, and optimal design problems in optical science. The problems arise naturally in the modeling of diffractive optics, photonic band gap structures, and phase retrieval problems. The speakers will present the model problems and discuss the diverse and significant practical applications. Theoretical and computational methods and results will be highlighted.

Organizer: Gang Bao
University of Florida

8:30 A Constrained Optimization Problem Arising in a Phase Recovery Problem for the Schrodinger Equation
Paul E. Sacks, Iowa State University
9:00 Inverse Problems in Micro-Optics
David C. Dobson, Texas A&M University
9:30 Photonic Crystals: Elements of Theory
Peter Kuchment, Wichita State University
10:00 Inverse Problems for Scattering by Periodic Diffractive Structures
Gang Bao, University of Florida

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MMD, 5/20/96