Monday, July 22
8:30-10:30 AM

Computational Methods in Transport Theory (Part I of II)

The analytical solution of transport equations are difficult to obtain, thus computational methods take on an important role. These numerical methods nevertheless can cause difficulties if they are not used with care. This is the case for example with multigrid algorithms or least square formulations. In this symposium the speakers concentrate on recent areas of development for numerical algorithms for the solution of these equations. They will present efficient algorithms and point out some of the difficulties.

Organizer: Suely B. Oliveira
Texas A&M University

8:30 Least Squares Finite-Element of the Neutron Transport Equation in Diffusive Regimes
Thomas A. Manteuffel, University of Colorado, Boulder; and Klaus J. Ressel, Interdisciplinary Project Center for Supercomputing, Switzerland
9:00 Closed Linear One-Cell Functional Methods for the Two Dimensional Transport Equation
G. Donald Allen and Paul Nelson, Texas A&M University
9:30 Arbritarily High Order Transport (AHOT) Methods for Discrete Ordinates Equations
Yousry Y. Azmy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10:00 Krylov Subspace Methods for Transport Equations
Suely B. Oliveira, Organizer

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MMD, 5/20/96