Friday, July 26
8:30-10:30 AM

Numerical Simulation of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

(Sponsored by SIAM Activity Group on Geosciences)

Numerical simulation of oil and gas reservoirs continues to grow more complex and computationally intensive. Improvements in reservoir description are leading to more detailed, heterogeneous reservoir models. Increasingly hostile reservoir environments and the use of miscible displacment are leading to a need for more-complex phase behavior models. Geostatistical analyses imply the need for the simultaneous creation and simulation of flow in multiple reservoir realizations that conform to known geologic and production parameters. These trends, plus the continuing drive to model fluid movements ever more accurately, are leading to significant efforts to harness large computational engines as efficiently as possible. In this minisymposium, the speakers will address computational issues related to reservoir simulation.

Organizers: Kamy Sepehrnoori, University of Texas, Austin; and Rick Mifflin, Exxon Production Research Company

8:30 Architecture of a Parallel Reservoir Simulator
John A. Wheeler, University of Texas, Austin
9:00 Parallel Reservoir Simulation Using Explicit Message Passing
Mark C.H. Chien, Hamdi Tchelepi, Hrant Yardumian, and Wen Chen, Chevron Petroleum Technology Company
9:30 Flexible Grids for Reservoir Simulation
Santosh K. Verma and Khalid Aziz, Stanford University
10:00 Parallel Iterative Solution of Linear Systems Arising in Reservoir Simulation
John Wallis, John Killough, and Jason Xiao, Western Atlas Software

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