Friday, July 26
8:30-10:30 AM

Recent Results on Perturbed Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations

The speakers in this minisymposium will present recent results on perturbed nonlinear Schr”dinger equations. In one dimension, the cubic nonlinear Schr”dinger equation is completely integrable, and has been studied over the past three decades. This equation is extremely important in applications. For example, it is the leading order description of fiber optical pulses. It is interesting and important for applications to ask how solutions change when integrability is broken by various perturbations. The speakers will cover a broad collection of recent results on homoclinic, traveling wave, quasiperiodic, and chaotic solutions.

Organizer: Benjamin P. Luce
Los Alamos National Laboratory

8:30 Persistent Homoclinic Orbits for Perturbed Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
Yanguang Li, University of California, Los Angeles
9:00 The Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation: Asymmetric Perturbations, Traveling Waves and Chaotic Structures
Constance Schober, University of Colorado, Boulder
9:30 Persistence of Quasiperiodic Solutions in the Perturbed Nonlinear Schr”dinger Equation
Gustavo Cruz-Pacheco, University of New Mexico
10:00 Pesistence of Autosolitons in the Perturbed Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
Benjamin P. Luce, Organizer

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MMD, 5/20/96