Monday, July 22

The New Sophomore Differential Equations Courses

Sophomore courses on differential equations form the foundation for much of the applied mathematics of interest to SIAM members. Sophomore differential equations courses are now seeing major changes, following the dramatic curriculum reform in calculus. Some typical features of the new courses are intensive use of computer algebra systems for symbolic and numeric calculations, emphasis on qualitative studies, more realistic applications, substantive modeling, links to discrete dynamical systems, and a proposed shift from analysis to design (taking a control perspective). It is imperative that researchers and practicioners of applied mathematics stay involved in the reform efforts, so the speakers will provide an overview of some of the current trends.

Organizer: Matthias Kawski
Arizona State University

8:30 Visual Differential Equations and Mathematica
Jerry Uhl, University of Illinois
9:00 Introductory Differential Equations: From Linearity to Chaos
Eric Kostelich, Arizona State University
9:30 A Modeling Perspective for the First ODE Course
Robert Borrelli, Harvey Mudd College
10:00 Exploring Differential Equations via Graphics and Data
David Lomen, University of Arizona
10:30 Control into the First Differential Equation Course!
Matthias Kawski, Organizer

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MMD, 5/20/96