Monday, July 22
8:30-10:30 AM

Chaos in Population Dynamics

The focus of this minisymposium is nonlinear dynamics and chaos in population dynamics. Some important directions in this field include geometric, numeric, and analytic methods as applied to discrete and continuous mathematical models of population growth, model-free estimations of Lyapunov exponents and other quantifiers from time series data, and statistical validation of predictions made by dynamical models (both deterministic and stochastic) using laboratory and field data. The speakers will discuss methods of testing whether the complex fluctuations observed in natural populations might be the result of nonlinear dynamics, and applications to several areas including food production and conservation of species diversity.

Organizer: Shandelle M. Henson
University of Arizona

8:30 Testing Nonlinear Population Theory
R.F. Costantino, University of Rhode Island
9:00 Local Lyapunov Exponents: A Closer Look at Chaos, with Confidence
Barbara Bailey, Stephen Ellner, and Douglas W. Nychka, North Carolina State University
9:30 Chaos in Age-Structured Models and Data
Alan Hastings and Kevin Higgins, University of California, Davis
10:00 Weakly Dissipative Predator-Prey Dynamics with Implications for Agro- Ecosystems
William M. Schaffer, University of Arizona

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MMD, 5/20/96