Message from the Conference Co-Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

Fifteen years ago, the SIAM Annual Meeting celebrating the 30th anniversary of the society was held at Stanford. That meeting proved to be a huge success. And now we will celebrate SIAM's 45th anniversary at Stanford with another Annual Meeting.

The Bay Area has changed dramatically in those 15 years and so has Stanford. New topics in industrial and applied mathematics have become important. These include problems in biology and material science. Computer science is now recognized as a strong partner for applied mathematics as applied to computational science. Silicon Valley, which surrounds Stanford, is the home for many high technology companies. Looking beyond Silicon Valley, the Pacific Rim is an area of intense geologic and economic activity.

This annual meeting has several foci, spanning much of modern computational science. There are presentations on computational problems in biology, optimization, and linear algebra. An additional emphasis is on differential equations, particularly related to fluids and materials. Finally, computer science themes reflecting the importance of that discipline to industrial and applied mathematics are evident, including high-performance computer architectures and the impact of the World Wide Web. We believe there are significant synergies between these subjects that many of us could benefit from.

The meeting also includes two plenary panels and the community (outreach) lecture. One of the panels addresses federal research funding issues, which is a critical concern of many SIAM members. The other panel deals with education, which has become more complex as the field has become more multidisciplinary.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we enthusiastically welcome you to SIAM's 45th Anniversary Annual Meeting. We hope you find it stimulating and enjoyable.

Bill Coughran and Gene Golub
Conference Co-Chairs

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