Sunday, January 4
8:50 AM-10:25 AM
Ile de France 2&3
Chair: Samir Khuller, University of Maryland, College Park

Session 1

8:50-9:10 Linear-Time Transitive Orientation
Ross M. McConnell, Willamette University; and Jeremy P. Spinrad, Vanderbilt University
9:15-9:35 Efficient and Practical Modular Decomposition
Elias Dahlhaus, Universität Bonn, Germany; Jens Gustedt, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany; and Ross M. McConnell, Willamette University
9:40-10:00 Computing a Minimum Biclique Cover is Polynomial for Bipartite Domino-Free Graphs
Jerome Amilhastre, Philippe Janssen, and Marie C. Vilarem, LIRMM, France
10:05-10:25 A Combinatorial Algorithm for the Determinant
Meena Mahajan and V. Vinay, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India

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MMD, 10/22/96