Monday, January 6
8:30 AM-10:05 AM
Orleans-Rosalie-St. Claude
Chair: David P. Williamson, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Session 10

8:30-8:50 Decremental Dynamic Connectivity
Mikkel Thorup, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
8:55-9:15 An Experimental Analysis of Dynamic Minimum Spanning Tree A lgorithms
Giuseppe Amato and Giuseppe Cattaneo, Università di Salerno, Italy; and Giuseppe F. Italiano, Università "CA Foscari" di Venezia, Italy
9:20-9:40 Experimental Study of Minimum Cut Algorithms
Chandra S. Chekuri, Stanford University; Andrew V. Goldberg, NEC Research Institute; David R. Karger and Matthew S. Levine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Cliff Stein, Dartmouth College
9:45-10:05 Implementing an FPTAS for All-Terminal Network Reliability
David R. Karger and Ray P. Tai, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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MMD, 10/22/96