Monday, January 6
10:25 AM-12:25 PM
Ile de France 2&3
Chair: Monika Rauch Henzinger, Digital Systems Research Center and Cornell University

Session 11

10:25-10:45 Faster and Simpler Algorithm for Sorting Signed Permutations by Reversals
Haim Kaplan, Princeton University; Ron Shamir, Tel Aviv University, Israel; and Robert Tarjan, Princeton University
10:50-11:10 Randomized Sorting in O(nloglog n) Time and Linear Space using Addition, Shift, and Bit-Wise Boolean Operations
Mikkel Thorup, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
11:15-11:35 Fast Algorithms for Sorting and Searching Strings
Jon L. Bentley, Bell Laboratories; and Robert Sedgewick, Princeton University
11:40-12:00 The Influence of Caches on the Performance of Sorting
Anthony LaMarca and Richard E. Ladner, University of Washington
12:05-12:25 Runtime Prediction of Real Programs on Real Machines
Ulrich Finkler and Kurt Mehlhorn, Max-Planck-Institüt für Informatik, Germany

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MMD, 10/22/96