Monday, January 6
4:40 PM-5:50 PM
Ile de France 2&3
Chair: David S. Johnson, AT&T Research

Session 15

4:40-5:00 Approximation Schemes for Scheduling
Noga Alon, Yossi Azar, and Tal Yadid, Tel Aviv University, Israel
5:05-5:25 Approximation Algorithms for the Discrete Time-Cost Tradeoff Problem
Martin Skutella, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
5:30-5:50 Polynomial Algorithms for Multiprocessor Scheduling with a Small Number of Job Lengths
S. Thomas McCormick, University of British Columbia, Canada; Scott R. Smallwood, Palo Alto, California; and Frits C.R. Spieksma, University of Limburg, The Netherlands

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MMD, 10/22/96