Third SIAM Conference on
Applications of Dynamical Systems

Invited Presentations

Sunday, May 21, 1995

8:30 Dynamics of Networks / IP1
Robert MacKay, Department of Mathematics, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

1:30 An Introduction to Chemical Reaction Network Theory / IP2
Martin Feinberg, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester

5:00 Pattern Evolution in Large Aspect Ratio Nonlinear Optical Systems / IP3
Jerome V. Moloney, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona

Monday, May 22, 1995

8:30 Turbulent Vortex Rings in Excitable Media / IP4
Arthur T. Winfree, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona

1:30 Recent Results on the Dynamics of the Solar System / IP5
Jack Wisdom, Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5:00 Control and Synchronization of Chaotic Emission of Radiation / IP6
Rajarshi Roy, School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Tuesday, May 23, 1995

8:30 Onset of Spatio-Temporal Chaos in Unbounded Lattice Models / IP7
Yakov B. Pesin, Department of Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University

1:30 Invariant Manifolds and Singularly Perturbed Equations / IP8
Nancy Kopell, Department of Mathematics, Boston University

Wednesday, May 24, 1995

8:30 The Role of Non-Normal Dynamics in Turbulence / IP9
Brian Farrell, Department of Applied Physics, Harvard University

1:30 Statistical Mechanics and Extended Dynamical Systems / IP10
Antti Kupiainen, Department of Mathematics, Helsinki University, Finland