Poster Session ~ Tuesday, May 23, 1995 ~ 7:30 PM

Poster Session

(In the final program and at the conference, the poster presentations will be organized by themes to enhance interaction between presenters and attendees. Complimentary refreshments will be served during the session. The organizing committee will be awarding a prize for the best poster presentation.)

Closure in Turbulence Theory using Stabilization Principle
Michail Zak, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; and Ronald Meyers, US Army Research Laboratory
Domain Walls in Wave Patterns
Igor S. Aranson, Bar-Ilan University, Israel; Lev S. Tsimring, University of California, San Diego
The Stochastization of Wave Propagation in an Inhomogeneous Optical Fiber
M.I. Rabinovich and M. Sh. Tsimring, Russian Academy of Science, Russia
Domains Which Admit Stable Nonconstant Solutions to the Ginzburg-Landau Equation
Shuichi Jimbo, Hokkaido University, Japan; and Yoshihisa Morita, Ryukoku University, Japan
Conditionally-Averaged Dynamics of Turbulence, New Scaling and Stochastic Modeling
Evgeny Novikov, University of California, San Diego
Global Bifurcations through Easkly Broken Symmetry
Philip Hirschberg and Edgar Knobloch, University of California, Berkeley
Asymptotic Behavior of a Flux-Conservative Convection-Diffusion Equation
Christopher P. Grant, Brigham Young University
Interactions Between Turing Patterns and Chemical Waves of Excitation
Jon-Paul J. Voroney, University of Guelph, Canada
System Dynamics of the Modified Hypercycle with Applications
Mikhail V. Kuz'min, Foundation of Scientific and Cultural Development, Ukraine
Study of Dynamical Systems by the Functional Integration Method
Yuri Yu. Lobanov, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, LCTA, Russia
Generation of Chaos in Ordered Banach Spaces
Boris Zaslavsky, Agrophysical Research Institute, Russia
Asynchronous Automata: The Technical Condition of Good Running and Stability
Serban E. Vlad, Oradea, Romania
Automata as Symbolic Dynamical Systems
Ronald E. Bartlett, University of Memphis
Reduction Theorem for Differential Equations with Impulse Effect in a Banach Space
Andrejs Reinfelds, Latvian Academy of Sciences and University of Latvia, Latvia
A Generalized Non-Archimedean Metric and a Classification of Linear Cellular Automata
Louis D'Alotto, St. John's University; and Charles Giardina, City University of New York, Staten Island
The Analysis and Representation of Complex Aperiodic and Chaotic Signals with Ultrametricity Techniques
J. Figueroa-Nazuno, Universidad Del Valle de Mexico-CEM, Mexico; E. Vargas-Medina, Universidad Del Valle de Mexico-CEM, Mexico and Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, Mexico; W.W. Mayol-Cuevas and A. Espinosa-Romero, Universidad Del Valle de Mexico-CEM, Mexico
Global Homoclinic Bifurcation Theory and Applications to Transport
Vered Rom-Kedar, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Lie Group Analysis of Nonstandard Finite Difference Models
Leon Arriola, Northern Kentucky University
Financial Time Series Prediction Combining Dynamical Systems Theory and Statistical Methods
Oscar Castillo, Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana; and Patricia Melin, CETYS Tijuana
Testing Determinism of Intermittent EEG Signals in Cetain Types of Epileptic Seizures
Tolga Yalcinkaya and Ying-Cheng Li, University of Kansas
Cardiac Dynamics in Newborn Infants vs. Adults
Rizwan-uddin, Ali A. Aghili, M. Pamela Griffin and J. Randall Moorman, University of Virginia
Nonlinear Data Analysis in Marine Ecology
Sarah A. Little, Mercedes Pascual, Andy Solow and Hal Caswell, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Weighted Generalized Inverses and Their Applications to Control Problems of Linear Time-Invariant Descriptor Systems
Ala Al-Humadi, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Reconstruction of Orbits Under Finite Resolution
Jiri Fridrich, State University of New York, Binghamton
Estimations of Reliable Values of Correlation Dimension for Time Series with Limit Precision and Length
Alexey A. Kipchatov, Saratov State University, Russia
Breaking Symmetry Bifurcations through Harmonic Balance in Nonlinear Control Systems
Antonio Lopez-Montes and Enrique Ponce, E.S. Ingenieros, Spain
Chaos Control in Two Dimensional Interactive Maps by Alternative Newton Iterative Paths
Sujit Bose, S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, India
On-off Intermittency: Power Spectrum and Fractal Properties of the Time Series
Shankar Vankataramani, Edward Ott and Thomas Antonsen, University of Maryland, College Park
Applications of Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis for Signal Characterization
Chung T. Nguyen, Sherry E. Hammel, Bruce J. Bates and Francis J. O'Brien, Jr., Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Musical Variations from a Chaotic Mapping
Diana S. Dabby, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dynamics of Nonlinear Optical Instabilities in Three-Level Systems
Judith M. Sharples, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Resonances and Near-Earth Asteroids
Christiane Froeschle, Observatoire de Nice, France
Attraction Basin Evolution of Periodic and Chaotic Attractors in Coupled Period Doubling Systems
Boris P. Bezruchko, Yevgenii P. Seleznev and Yevgenii V. Smirnov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Quasi-Energy Spectrum of the Rotator with Time-Periodic Like External Perturbations
N.A. Chekanov, Kharkov Institute for Physics and Technology, Ukraine
Model for Space Neutron Dynamics with Nonlinear Thermal Effects
G.G.M. Coppa and P. Ravetto, Politecnico di Torino, Italy; and G. Lapenta, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Row-Switching in Two-Dimensional Josephson Junction
Shinya Watanabe and Mauricio Barahona, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Steven H. Strogatz, Cornell University; Enrique Trias and Terry P. Orlando, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Herre S.J. van der Zant, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Nontrivial Dynamics in a String with a Local Nonlinearity
Huib P. van Essen and Theo P. Valkering, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Overcoming Chaos
Michael D. Collins and B. Edward McDonald, Naval Research Laboratory; and W.A. Kuperman, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Camparison of the Response of Dynamical Systems to Trigonometric and Step-like Functions Forcing
Alberto T. Perez, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; Ricardo Chacon, Universidad of Castilla La Mancha, Spain; and Antonio Castellanos, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Some Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
Sergei A. Brykalov, Institute for Mathematics and Mechanics, Russia
Stability Analysis for A Class of Nonlinear Dynamics Systems
Kaiqi Xiong, The Claremont Graduate School
Some New Stability Results for Spatially Doubly-Periodic, Steady Planforms
Benoit Dionne, University of Ottawa, Canada; Mary Silber, Northwestern University; and Anne Skeldon, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Attractors of 2D Mapping: Computer Experiment and Analytical Treatment
Vyacheslav G. Tsybulin and V. Yudovich, Rostov University, Russia
In Search of the First Homoclinic Bifurcation for the Forced Damped Pendulum
Reena Freedman, Celso Grebogi and James A. Yorke, University of Maryland, College Park
Random Perturbations of Conservative Systems
Albert Fannjiang, University of California, Los Angeles
Normal Vibration Modes of Nonlinear Conservative and Nearly Conservative Systems
Yu. V. Mikhlin, Dnepropetrovsk State University, Ukraine
Asynchronous Dynamics of Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems
Xin Wang, University of California, Los Angeles; Edward K. Blum and Qingnan Li, University of Southern California
Stability and Applications of Dynamical Boolean Systems
Paul Watta, Kaining Wang and Mohamad Hassoun, Wayne State University
Chaos Communication Techniques
Robert Schaefer, Eric Will, Steve Kimball and Paul Fiore, Lockheed Sanders
Chaos and Spatial Complexity in Subharmonic Edge Wave Dynamics
Oded Gottlieb, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel; and Chiang C. Mei, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dynamics of Spatial Excitation Models for Galaxy Evolution
David Chappell and John Scalo, University of Texas, Austin
W-dimension of Chaotic Signals
A.V. Gaponov-Grekhov, M.I. Rabinovich, I.M. Starobinets, M. Sh. Tsimring and V.V. Chugurin, Russian Academy of Science, Russia
From Discrete to Continuous Modeling of a Neo-austrian Representation of the Production Process: A Study of Stability Conditions of a Global Economy
Mario Amendola, Universita de Roma "La Sapienza", Italy; Claude Froeschle, Observatoire de Nice, France; Jean Luc Gaffard and Elena Lega, LATAPSES, France
Chaotic Dynamic in a Human Information Processing Task: Generating Random Numbers Sequences
J. Figueroa-Nazuno, Universidad Del Valle de Mexico-CEM, Mexico; E. Vargas-Medina, Universidad Del Valle de Mexico-CEM, Mexico and Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, Mexico; W.W. Mayol-Cuevas and R.A. Sanchez-Guzman, Universidad Del Valle de Mexico-CEM, Mexico
Renormalization Group Approach to the Bak-Sneppen Model of Biological Evolution
Stefano Galluccio, Universite de Fribourg, Switzerland
Nonlinear Dynamics in Magnetic Circuits
Harbir Lamba, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Stability of Stationary Solutions of the Olmstead Model
P. Freitas, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; and M. Grinfeld, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Relaxation Oscillations in a Model of Plastic Deformation at Very Low Temperatures
Timothy J. Burns, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Jumping Behavior of the Reaction of Fast Bimolecular Reactions
N.N. Nefedov, Moscow State University; Klaus R. Schneider, Weierstrass-Institut fur Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik, Germany; and A. Schuppert, Hoechst AG, Germany
On the Computation of Normally Hyperbolic Invariant Manifolds
Hinke M. Osinga, University of Groningen, The Netherlands