Monday, May 24

Granular Flows

3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Room: Wasatch A/B
Chair: Troy Shinbrot, Rutgers University

3:00-3:15 Spontaneous Chaotic Granular Mixing
Troy Shinbrot, Albert W. Alexander, and Fernando J. Muzzio, Rutgers University
3:20-3:35 About Motion of Spherical Particles on a Surface
Ljubinko (Lou) Kondic, Meenakshi Dutt , and Robert P. Behringer, Duke University
Cancelled 3:40-3:55 Dynamics of Axial Separation in Long Rotating Drums
Lev S. Tsimring, University of California, San Diego; and Igor S. Aranson, Argonne National Laboratory
3:40-3:55 Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Clusters in Sheared Granular Materials
Elizabeth D. Liss and Benjamin J. Glasser, Rutgers University
Cancelled 4:00-4:15 A Fluid Mechanical Model of Vibrated Granular Layers
Joe D. Goddard and Meheboob Alam, University of California, San Diego
4:00-4:15 A Kinetic Model for Granular Media
Xinzhong Chen and NewEdward A. Spiegel, Columbia University
4:20-4:35 New Dispersion Relation and Oscillons in a Continuum Model for Vibrated Granular Media
Hermann Riecke, Northwestern University; and J. Eggers, University of Essen, Germany
4:40-4:55 New The Validity of Molecular Chaos in Granular Flows
Stefan Luding, University of Stuttgart, Germany

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