Monday, May 24

Life at the Boundary of Chaos Theory and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics

1:30 PM-2:30 PM
Room: Ballrooms I, II & III
Chair: Mary Silber, Northwestern University

The last decade or so has seen a strong surge of interest in the applications of dynamical systems theory to problems of interest to workers in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. Unexpected relations have been discovered between transport coefficients, which appear in the macroscopic equations of fluid dynamics, and the Lyapunov exponents, Kolmogorov-Sinai entropies, and other quantities which characterize chaotic processes in the underlying microscopic dynamics. Stimulated by these relations, workers have developed methods to compute dynamical quantities, based on familiar techniques in statistical mechanics. The speakers will discuss these results and some important new theorems, such as the Gallavotti-Cohen fluctuation theorem, and the conjugate pairing rule for Lyapunov exponents. He will also mention some very interesting issues relating to the applications of SRB and related measures to entropy production and Green-Kubo formulae for transport coefficients.

J. Robert Dorfman
Institute for Physical Science and Technology
University of Maryland, College Park

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