Wednesday, May 26

NewThe World's Smallest Rotary Motor is Nearly 100% Efficient

1:30 PM-2:30 PM
Room: Ballrooms I, II & III
Chair: UpdatedJames Keener, University of Utah

Cell motions use energy stored in two forms: as a transmembrane ion gradient and in the chemical bonds of ATP, the      universal cell fuel. ATP synthase is the universal enzyme that uses both of these fuels to either manufacture ATP or to pump protons. I will present a mathematical model that can explain most of the experimental data on this remarkable protein.    


* Elston, T., H. Wang, and G. Oster. 1998. Energy transduction in ATP synthase. Nature 391:510-514.
* Wang, H., and G. Oster. 1998. Energy transduction in the F1 motor of ATP synthase. Nature 396:279-282.
* Oster, G., and H. Wang. 1999. ATP synthase: 2 motors, 2 fuels. Structure 7:R67-R72.
* Dimroth, P., H. Wang, M. Grabe, and G. Oster. 1999. Energy transduction in the sodium F-ATPase of Propionigenium modestum. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 96:4924-4929.    

These can be downloaded from my web site:

George Oster
University of California, Berkeley

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