Wednesday, May 26

Analysis and Application of Piecewise Smooth Dynamical Systems and Their Bifurcations

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room: Ballroom III

The main theme of this minisymposium is the analysis of piecewise-smooth dynamical systems and their bifurcations. Specifically, it has been shown that the system dynamics undergo dramatic changes when, by varying the parameters, the system trajectory (or part of it) becomes tangent to one of the boundaries dividing the phase space into different regions associated with different (smooth) system configurations. This novel type of bifurcations, termed order-collision (Nusse & Yorke 1992) and grazing (Nordmark 1991), have been shown to organise the dynamical behaviour of several systems of relevance in applications such as power electronic converters, vibro-impacting mechanical devices, and friction oscillators. The speakers will discuss their latest results in this area and present some examples of relevance in applications.

Organizer: Mario di Bernardo
University of Bristol, United Kingdom

10:00-10:25 Nonsmooth Bifurcations, Sliding Orbits and Their Application In Piecewise Smooth Dynamical Systems
Mario di Bernardo, Organizer; and Chris J. Budd, University of Bath, United Kingdom
10:30-10:55 Describing the Bifurcations of Piecewise Smooth Systems
James A. Yorke, University of Maryland, College Park; and Helena E. Nusse, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
11:00-11:25 Graph Theory, Probability and Many Dimensional Piecewise Smooth Dynamical Systems
Martin E. Homer and S. J. Hogan, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
11:30-11:55 Analysis of Grazing Bifurcations in a Continuous and Piecewise Differentiable Friction Model
Arne B. Nordmark and Harry Dankowicz, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

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