Thursday, May 27

Applied Dynamics and Invariant Manifolds in Continuum Mechanics

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room: Magpie A/B

Structural mechanics in many systems of interest to defense and industry exhibits nonlinear spatio-temporal dynamical behavior (including chaos) in both theory and experiment. Such fascinating behavior is necessary to understand so that unwanted vibrations may be controlled, and the lifetime of structures may be extended. The papers presented in this minisymposium deal with the mathematical analysis of models and experimental data of nonlinear structures which exhibit nonlinear vibrations and nonlinear modal interactions. The speakers will apply analytic methods to demonstrate that the attractors are finite dimensional, and may be represented by invariant manifolds which slave the motion.

Organizers: Ira B. Schwartz and NewIoannis T. Georgiou
U. S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC

10:00-10:25 Nonlinear Normal Modes in a System with Nonholonomic Constraints
Richard H. Rand and Deepak V. Ramani, Cornell University
10:30-10:55 Nonlinear Modal Interactions in a Kicked Flexible Rod
Joseph P. Cusumano, Pennsylvania State University
11:00-11:25 Exponential Attractors and Inertial Dynamical Systems in Continuum Mechanics
Basil Nicolaenko, Arizona State University
11:30-11:55 Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Analysis of the Interaction Dynamics of Coupled Systems in Continuum Mechanics
Ioannis T. Georgiou and Ira B. Schwartz, Organizers

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