SIAM Conference on Mathematics for Industry

October 24-26, 2005
Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center
Detroit, Michigan

Pre-registration Deadline - September 28, 2005


SIAM's conference on Mathematics for Industry focuses attention on the many and varied opportunities to promote applications of mathematics to industrial problems.  From the start of planning for this conference, the major objective has been the development and encouragement of industrial, government and academic collaboration. The format of this conference provides a forum for industrial and government engineers and scientists to communicate their needs, objectives and visions, to the broad mathematical community.  The major themes fit the broad categories of Challenges, Frontiers, and Industrial Academic Collaborations.

Challenges stress current needs which pose substantial mathematical difficulties and obstacles.  For 2005, supply chains will provide the challenge theme.  Industry and government have devoted enormous resources to this topic and have reaped huge rewards for their efforts. This subject area continues to produce a rich diversity of extremely challenging mathematical problems that often require theoretical investigations, algorithmic solutions and computational expertise.

Frontiers highlight new and largely unexplored areas which are expected to benefit significantly from mathematical approaches.  The frontier theme for 2005 will feature reliability, risk and vulnerability.  Even though the events of 9/11 have generated much publicity, especially in the areas of risk and vulnerability, efforts in all three areas still have produced only limited successes.  The conference will examine reliability, risk and vulnerability from a broad industrial perspective and explore mathematics which might play a role in solving these formidable problems.

This mathematics conference, unique in its appeal to and participation by industrial attendees, will provide an exceptional forum for facilitating contacts between academic, industrial and governmental users of mathematics.

The partnerships that evolve from such contacts not only help guide continual mathematical developments, but also facilitate transfer of existing mathematics to new industrial applications.  Through minisymposia organized by its Program Committee, the conference has a specific goal of fostering industrial efforts and of fostering new joint programs.


Industrial and Academic Cooperation
Reliability, Risk and Vulnerability
Supply Chains

Funding Agency

SIAM and the conference organizing committee wish to extend their thanks
and appreciation to the U. S. National Science Foundation for its support
of this conference.

Organizing Commitee

David Ferguson (co-chair), Boeing Corporation
David Field (co-chair), General Motors Corporation
Ed Moylan, SIAM Great Lakes Section

Program Committee

Dieter Armbruster (co-chair), Arizona State University
Evin Cramer, Boeing Corporation
Kirk Jordan , IBM Strategic Growth Business/Deep Computing
Barbara Lee Keyfitz, The Fields Institute, Canada and University of Houston
Ernie Mintel, Pratt & Whitney
Mike Neamtu, Vanderbilt University
Tom Peters (co-chair), University of Connecticut , Storrs
Leon Seitelman, University of Connecticut , Storrs
Emily Stone (co-chair), University of Montana
Paul Tanenbaum , U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Phil Tuchinsky, Ford Motor Company


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