Minisymposium Proposal Deadline Updated!

June 14, 2004

Conference Themes

Partial Differential Equations and their Applications to:

Calculus of Variations
Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Kinetic Theory of Gases/Plasmas
Free Boundary Problems
Motion Driven by Curvature
Solid Mechanics and Elasticity
Mechanics of Compressible and Incompressible Fluids
Biological and Medical Modeling
Mathematics of Finance


This is the first conference organized by the recently formed SIAM Activities Group on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations. There will be nine, one hour, plenary lectures, as well as minisymposia and contributed talks.

All researchers in Partial Differential Equations are encouraged to participate, especially those whose interests lie at the intersection of Analysis and Applications. Younger researchers are especially welcome to participate. Limited funding is available for graduate students and recent PhDs.

Funding Agency

Funding agency information will be posted as it becomes available.

Organizing Committee

Craig Evans, University of California, Berkeley
Barbara Keyfitz, University of Houston
David Kinderlehrer, Carnegie Mellon University
Daniel Phillips, Purdue University
Michael Shearer, North Carolina State University
Marshall Slemrod, University of Wisconsin (Chair)


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September 16, 2004
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