Wednesday, March 24

Languages for Parallel Computing

2:40 PM-4:40 PM
Chair: George A. Geist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Room: Executive Salon 1

2:40-2:55 Cancelled An Object-Oriented Communication Library that Combines MPI and PVM Features
Trond Vidar Stensby, University of Oslo, Norway
3:00-3:15 MITMatlab: A Tool for Interactive Supercomputing
UpdatedParry Husbands, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Charles L. Isbell Jr., AT&T Laboratories-Research; and Alan Edelman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3:20-3:35 Experience in Parallelizing Mesh Generation Code with High Performance Fortran
Min-Bin Chen, Tyng-Ruey Chuang, and Jan-Jan Wu, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
3:40-3:55 Parallel 3D Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Titanium
UpdatedGeoff Pike, University of California, Berkeley; Luigi Semenzato and Phil Colella, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/NERSC; and Paul N. Hilfinger, University of California, Berkeley

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