Wednesday, March 24

Parallel Geoscience Applications

2:40 PM-4:40 PM
Chair: To be announced
Room: Executive Salon 3

2:40-2:55 Advances in Modeling the Generation of the Geomagnetic Field by the Use of Massively Parallel Computers and Profound Optimization
UpdatedThomas Clune, Silicon Graphics, Inc., and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Daniel S. Katz, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Califonia Institute of Technology; and Gary A. Glatzmaier, Los Alamos National Laboratory
3:00-3:15 Implementation and Performance Analysis of a Parallel Multicomponent Groundwater Transport Code
G. Mahinthakumar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and F. Saied, NCSA,University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
3:20-3:35 OpenMP Performance Scalability Evaluation for Vector-Oriented and Microprocessor-Oriented Coding Styles in an Air Quality Model
Carlie J. Coats, Jr., J. N. McHenry, A. Trayanov, E. Haues, and A. Gibbs-Lario, North Carolina Supercomputing Center
3:40-3:55 Use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process to Spatially Evaluate Snow Avalanche Risk
John H. George, Embry Riddle University; and Henry P. Heasler, University of Wyoming

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