Monday, March 22


4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Chair: Richard B. Lehoucq, Sandia National Laboratories
Room: Ballroom A

4:30-4:45 Parallel Efficiency of the Lanczos Method for Eigenvalue Problems
Kesheng Wu and Horst D. Simon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/NERSC
4:50-5:05 Parallel Solution of Equations for the Electronic Structure of Matter
Yousef Saad, James R. Chelikowsky, Thierry Braconnier, and Serdar Öugöt, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
5:10-5:25 A New Trace Minimization Algorithm for the Generalized Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem
Ahmed Sameh and Zhanye Tong, Purdue University
5:30-5:45 Cancelled A New Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Computing Eigenvalues of Symmetric Tridiagonal Matrices
Jingyu Zhang and Donald K. Friesen, Texas A&M University, College Station
5:50-6:05 Parallel Jacobi-Davidson Methods with Iterative Preconditioning for the Solution of Large Sparse Hermitian Eigenproblems
Achim Basermann, NEC Europe Ltd., Sankt Augustin, Germany
6:10-6:25 Blocking Techniques in Symmetric Eigensolvers
Wilfried N. Gansterer, Dieter F. Kvasnicka, Karlheinz Schwarz, and Christoph W. Ueberhuber, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

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