Monday, March 22

Poster Session

6:30 PM-8:30 PM
Room: Rose Garden, third floor

Poster presenters can setup their posters on the poster boards beginning at 12:30 PM on Monday in Rose Garden, third floor. Setup must be completed by 6:30 PM. The poster session will officially open at 6:30 PM Monday. All posters must be removed immediately at the end of the session at 8:30 Monday evening. SIAM is not responsible for any poster displays left on the boards and discarded after that time.

New Parallel and Distributed Processing Applied to Electric Power Systems Composite Reliability Evaluation
Carmen L. T. Borges and Djalma M. Falcao, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Parallelization of a Multigrid Incompressible Viscous Cavity Flow Solver Using OpenMP
Kevin Roe and Piyush Mehrotra, ICASE-NASA Langley Research Center
Efficient Parallelization of Relaxation Algorithms for Computer Vision
Toshiro Kubota, Fausto Espinal, and Terry Huntsberger, University of South Carolina, Columbia
A New M-Sequence Based Parallel Random Number Generator with Reduced Correlation
Yusaku Yamamoto, Ken Naono, and Sigeo Ihara, Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Parallel Computation for a Lagrangian/Eulerian Formulation of a Multi-Phase Flow on Unstructured Meshes
B. Nkonga and P. Charrier Mathématiques Appliquées de Bordeaux, Talence Cedex, France
Parallelizing the Multiple Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
David A. Van Veldhuizen and Gary B. Lamont, Air Force Institute of Technology
UpdatedSimulations of Explotions and Implosions with a Parallel, 3D, Unstructured-Grid, Radiation-Hydrodynamics Code
A. I. Shestakov, J. L. Milovich , M. K. Prasad, and T. B. Kaiser. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Parallelization of Non-Equilibrium Radiation Transport Code
Igor E. Golovkin, Roberto C. Mancini, and Frederick C. Harris, Jr., University of Nevada, Reno
Parallel Analysis of IC Power Distribution Networks
Gary Ditlow and Anshul Gupta, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York; Daria Dooling, Richard Moore, David Moran, Ralph Williams, and Tom Wilkins, IBM Microprocessor Division, Burlington, Vermont
Data Flow, the FFT, and the CRAY T3E
UpdatedJ. R. Johnson, Drexel University; R. W. Johnson, MathStar, Inc., Minneapolis; C. P. Marshall, DARPA, Arlington, Virginia; J. E. Mertz, MathStar, Inc., Minneapolis; D. Pryor, Center for Computing Sciences, Bowie, Maryland; and J. H. Weckel, DARPD, Arlington, Virginia
A Scalable Parallel Direct-Solve Method for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Steven R. Lantz, Cornell University
Factorized Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditionings: A Simple Approach to Raising the Serial Efficiency of Parallel Iterative Method
Alex Yu. Yeremin, Lily Yu. Kolotilina, and Andy A. Nikishin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Efficient Parallelization of Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Scheme for Matrices Arising from Discretizations of Diffusion Equations
Luca Bergamaschi and Mario Putti, University of Padua, Italy
Parallel Preconditioning of Sparse Symmetric Eigenproblems
Luca Bergamaschi and Giorgio Pini, University of Padua, Italy; and Flavio Sartoretto, University of Venice, Italy
A Recursive Formulation of the Cholesky Factorization Operating on a Matrix in Packed Storage Form
Bjarne S. Andersen, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark; Fred Gustavson, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; Jerzy Wasniewski, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
A Parallel Implementation of Eigensolver and Its Performance
Takahiro Katagiri and Yasumasa Kanada , The University of Tokyo, Japan
Pipelined Algorithms for Numerical Solution of Banded Systems
Alex Povitsky, ICASE-NASA Langley Research Center
Parallel Triangular Substitution for Linear Arrays
Ian N. Dunn and Gerard G. L. Meyer, Johns Hopkins University; and Mike Pascale, Northrop Grumman Corporation
A High Computational Performance Approach for a Subspace Identification Method
Celso Pascoli Bottura, Gilmar Barreto, Maurício José Bordon, and Annabell Del Real Tamariz , State University of Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil
A Parallel, Block, Jacobi-Davidson Method for Solving Large Eigenproblems in Material Sciences
Andreas Stathopoulos and James R. McCombs, College of William and Mary
Blocked Algorithms for Reduction of a Regular Matrix Pair to Generalized Schur Form
K. Dackland and B. Kågström, Umeå University, Sweden
Towards Peak Performance on Hierarchical SMP Memory Architectures - New Recursive Blocked Data Formats and BLAS
F. Gustavson, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York; I. Jonsson, B. Kågström and P. Ling, Umeå University, Sweden
The Numerical Solution of the Laplace Equation Using a Parallel Shooting Method
Christian E. Schaerer, Norberto Mangiavacchi , and Eugenius Kaszkurewicz, COPPE-UFRJ, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Parallel Stabilization of Unstable Fixed Point Solvers
Uwe Kleis, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
Application Driven Fast Summation Methods
James R. Overfelt, Yuhong Fu, Gregory J. Rodin, and Robert A. van de Geijn, University of Texas, Austin
A Domain Decomposition Based Parallel Solver for Time Dependent Differential Equations
Yu Zhuang and Xian-He Sun, Louisiana State University
A Parallel General Purpose Finite Element System
Enzo A. Dari, Gustavo C. Buscaglia, and Adrian Lew, Centro Atomico Bariloche and Instituto Balseiro, Rio Negro, Argentina
Cancelled A Parallel and Distributed Solution Method for the Riccati Equation via Stabilized Elementary Similarity Transformation
Annabell R. Tamariz, Celso Pascoli Bottura, João V. da Fonseca Neto, and Gilmar Barreto, State University of Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil
Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Elliptic Equations
Bobby Philip, Los Alamos National Laboratory; and Dan Quinlan, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Parallelization of an Adaptive Multilevel Code Using Keys and a Space-Filling Curve
Gerhard W. Zumbusch and Michael Griebel, University of Bonn, Germany
High Level Software Tools for Unstructured Adaptive Grids on Massively Parallel Systems
Peter Bastian, Klaus Birken, and Stefan Lang Stuttgart University, Germany
Using the Marr Wavelet for the Modeling of Basin Morphometry and Stream Flooding
Paul Johnson, University of California, San Francisco
A Highly Accurate Multithreaded Integration Method
J. Seguel, S. Castro, and R. Piñeiro, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez
A Distributed Genetic Algorithm with Migration for the Design of Composite Laminate Structures
Matthew T. McMahon and Layne T. Watson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Asynchronous Dynamic Load Balancing of Tiles
Tung Nguyen and Michelle Mills Strout, University of California, San Diego; Larry Carter, San Diego Supercomputer Center; and Jeanne Ferrante, University of California, San Diego
Improving Unstructured Grid Application Execution Times by Balancing the Edge-Cuts Among Partitions
Mark Bilderback, Mississippi State University
Parallel Symbolic and Numeric Algorithm for Polynomial Zeros
Hong Zhang, Louisiana State University
The Impact of Data Ordering Strategies on a Distributed Hierarchical Multipole Algorithm
William T. Rankin, John A. Board, Jr., and Valerie L. Henderson, Duke University
Improving Locality Using a Graph-Based Technique for Detecting Memory Layouts of Arrays
M. Kandemir and A. Choudhary, Northwestern University; J. Ramanujam, Louisiana State University; and P. Banerjee, Northwestern University
On Lower Bounds on Running Time for General Numerical Computation Problems
Eunice E. Santos, Lehigh University
A Theoretical Investigation of Feedback Guided Dynamic Loop Scheduling
Mark Bull, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Rupert Ford, Len Freeman and David Hancock, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Application-Level Support for Collective Regular Section Data Motion
Scott B. Baden, University of California, San Diego
Performance Monitoring and Visualization Tools for MPI
Michael T. Heath, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Patrick H. Worley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Coupling Multiple Simulations via a High Performance Customizable Database System
Tahsin M. Kurc, Alan Sussman, and Joel Saltz, University of Maryland, College Park
A Survey of Visualization Tools for High Performance Computing
Randy W. Heiland and M. Pauline Baker, NCSA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
OpenMP Experiments on the Origin 2000Distributed Shared Memory Machine
Yong Luo, Los Alamos National Laboratory

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