Wednesday, March 24

Synthetic Environments for Modeling Subsurface and Surface Flows

8:30 AM-9:30 AM
Room: Texas Ballroom B
Chair: Richard Sincovec, University of Texas, San Antonio

New Effective management of reservoirs, aquifers, bays and estuaries demands rapid, reliable forecasts of behavior. Length scales of practical and economic interest range from tens of meters to kilometers. A large disparity in time scales also exists, from nearly instantaneous chemical reactions to daily tidal movements to water infiltration into waste repositories for millennia. Moreover different physical processes occur simultaneously in different parts of the domain.(e.g. single phase flow within an aquifer, multiphase flow in the vadose zone above the aquifer, and shallow water transport in a river or wetland in contact with the porous media.)

A synethetic computational environment which allows for multiple physical models, multiple discretizations and solvers, and flexibility in coupling of different physical models can greatly increase the productivity of the scientist and engineer as a tool for understanding complex physics and for making critical decisions.

In this presentation we discuss two different synthetic environments. The first involves a framework for the integration of petroleum reservoir production. One of the major obstacles here is the tight coupling of the chemistry, physics, and geology in the nonlinear systems. The second environment we consider involves water quality modeling in bays and estaries. Here the chemistry does not affect the flow, but flow data output from the hydrodynamics part of the simulator can be quite large and frequently needs to be projected in a locally conservative fashion onto another grid before use in the reactive transport portion of the code or module. Computational results for both of these frameworks are presented.

This plenary talk will be presented in a joint session of the Geosciences and the Parallel Processing conferences.

Mary F. Wheeler
Center for Subsurface Modeling, University of Texas, Austin

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MMD, 1/29/98