Audiovisual Notice

Two standard overhead projectors and two screens will be provided in the plenary session room. One overhead projector and one screen will be provided in each of the parallel session rooms. Speakers with special audiovisual equipment needs must inform SIAM of their specific requirements by Tuesday, May 12, 1998. If we do not hear from speakers by that date, it is understood that a standard overhead projector is all you need.

If a speaker sends a request for special audiovisual equipment and decides not to use the requested equipment after it has been installed, or does not show up to give her/his presentation, the speaker is responsible for paying the rental fee.

Some examples of special audiovisual equipment and rental fees are:

LCD Panel$300 35mm Slide Projector $50
Video Projector $550 1/2" VHS VCR $65
26" Data Monitor $300 Shure Mixer $25
Xenon 35mm Projector $200 Data Projector $600

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MMD, 1/6/98