Monday, June 1

Direct and Inverse Scattering in Extended Inhomogeneous Environments

3:45 PM-5:45 PM
Room 244
(This session will run until 6:15 PM)

This minisymposium addresses one- and multi-dimensional direct and inverse scattering/propagation problems of applied and industrial interest. A variety of mathematical methods are applied to basic problems in underwater acoustic, Arctic ice, and seismic modeling. The large-scale, extended nature of the inhomogeneous environments provides the unifying theme. The speakers will focus on a wide range of mathematical ideas to address these problems in extended environments. They will present exact and asymptotic results along with extensive numerical calculations.

Organizer: Louis Fishman
Naval Research Laboratory

3:45 1-D Inverse Scattering via the Riesz Transform
John Sylvester and Dale Winebrenner, University of Washington
4:15 Inverse Acoustics Problems in Shallow Oceans
Robert P. Gilbert and Klaus Hackl, University of Delaware
4:45 Direct, Leading-Order Asymptotic, Inverse Scattering Based on the Generalized Bremmer Series
Martijn V. de Hoop, Colorado School of Mines
5:15 Inverse Problems Associated with Simple Nonlinear Wave Equations
David J. N. Wall, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; and Gerhard Kristensson, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
5:45 Exact, Uniform Asymptotic, and Numerical Constructions of Helmholtz Operator Symbols
Louis Fishman, Organizer

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MMD, 4/20/98