Monday, June 1

Emerging Methods in Electromagnetic and Acoustic Scattering
(Part I of II)

3:45 PM-5:45 PM
Room 242

This minisymposium will highlight a number of methods and applications that have emerged recently in the fields of electromagnetic and acoustic scattering. The speakers will discuss recent advances in finite difference and integral equation solvers, fast algorithms, high order techniques, inversion of scattering data in various settings, and new methods specific to particular applications.

For Part II, see CM8.

Organizers: Oscar P. Bruno
California Institute of Technology
Fernando Reitich
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

3:45 Maximizing Bandgaps in Two-dimensional Photonic Crystals
David C. Dobson, Texas A&M University, College Station
4:15 Electromagnetic Modeling and Inverse Scattering in Dispersive Media
William W. Symes and Chaoming Zhang, Rice University
Rigorous Techniques for Synthesis of Offset Reflector Antennas
Vladimir Oliker, Emory University
4:45 A Formulation of Asymptotic and Exact Boundary Conditions in Electromagnetics Using Local Operators
Thomas Hagstrom, The University of New Mexico; and S. I. Hariharan, The University of Akron
5:15 A Fast High Order Solver for Problems of Scattering by Heterogeneous Bodies
Oscar P. Bruno, Organizer; and Alain Sei, California Institute of Technology

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MMD, 2/2/98