Tuesday, June 2

Electromagnetic Methods II

2:15 PM-3:15 PM
Chair: Jun-ichi Takada, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Room 244

2:15 A Block Pseudospectral Method for 2-D Maxwell's Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients
Tobin A. Driscoll and Bengt Fornberg, University of Colorado, Boulder
2:35 Coupling of Finite Elements and Retarded Potentials for an Electromagnetic Scattering Problem by an Inhomogeneous Obstacle
Alain Bachelot, Universite Bordeaux 1, France; Laurent Bounhoure and Agnes Pujols, CEA-CESTA, Service Informatique Scientifique, France
2:55 A Sparse Matrix Technique for the Numerical Solution of Boundary Value Problem in 2-Dimensional Electromagnetic Scattering Using Wavelet Bases
Jun-ichi Takada; and Kiyomichi Araki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

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