Wednesday, June 3

Wave Propagation V

4:45 PM-6:05 PM
Chair: Seongjai Kim, University of Kentucky
Room 242

4:45 Superconvergent Difference Formulas for Traveltimes and Amplitudes
Seongjai Kim, University of Kentucky; William W. Symes, Rice University; and Maissa A. El-Mageed, Alexandria University, Egypt
5:05 The Spectral Element Method: An Efficient Tool to Simulate the Seismic Response of 2-D and 3-D Geological Structures
Dimitri Komatitsch, Harvard University; and Emmanuel Chaljub and Jean-Pierre Vilotte, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France
5:25 Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Validation of a Method to Compute Guided Modes in Open Stratified Waveguides
A. Bermudez, P. Joly, and D. G. Pedreira, INRIA, France
5:45 Wave Propagation in Incompressible Porous Media
Margarita E. Eglit, Moscow State University, Russia

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MMD, 5/29/98