Thursday, June 4

Electromagnetic Methods IV

8:45 AM-9:45 AM
Chair: Jean-Jacques Niez, Service de Physique Nuclearie, CEA, France
Room 242

8:45 Mimetic Discretizations for Maxwell's Equations and the Equations of Magnetic Diffusion
James M. Hyman and Mikhail Shashkov, Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:05 Effects of a Finite Screening Length on the Absorption of Electromagnetic Waves
Roger Balian, Service de Physique Theorique, CEA-Saclay, France; and Jean-Jacques Niez, Service de Physique Nucleaire, CEA, France
9:25 Finite-Dimensional Dynamics of the Maxwell-Bloch Equations
Ilya Timofeyev, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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