Thursday, June 4

Nonlinear Waves IV

4:45 PM-5:45 PM
Chair: John A. Scales, Colorado School of Mines
Room 246

(This session will run until 6:05 PM)

4:45 On the Evolution of a Characteristic Shock and Its Interaction with a Discontinuity Wave in a Relaxing Gas
J. Jena and V. D. Sharma, Indian Institute of Technology, India
4:45 Nonlinear Interaction of Waves in a Channel with a Step-Wise Bottom
Julia Drozdova, Moscow State University, Russia
5:25 The Birkhoff-Gustavson Approach to Two-Dimensional Hydrogen Atom in Uniform Magnetic Field
N. A. Chekanov and V. V. Krasil'nikov, Belgorod State University, Russia; V. I. Kuprikov, Kharkov Institute for Physics and Technology, Ukraine; and V. G. Syshchenko, Belgorod State University, Russia
5:05 Time-Reversed Imaging as a Diagnostic of Chaotic Behavior of Waves and Particles
Roel K. Snieder, Utrecht University, The Netherlands; and John A. Scales, Colorado School of Mines
5:25 Propagation of an Optical Pulse in a Nonlinear Kerr Medium
Philippe Huynh, University of Bordeaux I, France; Frederique Delaurens, CEA/CESTA, Le Barp, France; Bernard Hanouzet, University of Bordeaux I, France; and Muriel Sesques, CEA/CESTA, Le Barp, France

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