Friday, June 5


8:45 AM-9:45 AM
Chair: J. M. H. Lawry, OCIAM, United Kingdom
Room 244

8:45 Complex Rays and Diffraction
S. J. Chapman, J. M. H. Lawry, and J. R. Ockendon, OCIAM, United Kingdom; and R. H. Tew, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
9:05 Time-domain Deconvolution Removes the Effect of Near-field Scatterers
Tom Roberts, Rome Laboratory/ERAA, Hanscom AFB, MA
9:05 Moved to CP22
Jean-David Benamou, INRIA, France
9:05 Numerical Modeling of X-ray Dynamical Diffraction by Non-Stationary Deformed Crystals
Svetlana N. Sytova, Belarus State University, Belarus
9:45 Hugoniot-Maslov Chains and Ray Method for Solitary Vortecies, the Hill Equation and Typhoon ``Eye'' Trajectories
Serguei Yu. Dobrokhotov, Institute for Problem in Mechanics, Russia

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MMD, 4/20/98